HomoQuotable – Barney Frank

“The vast amount of human activity ought to be none of the government’s business. I don’t think it is the government’s business to tell you how to spend your leisure time. I cannot think there are many people who are in favor of using limited federal resources in law enforcement to arrest people because those people decide to smoke marijuana.” – Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank at his press conference announcing his plan to file a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession.

Frank’s bill would remove those penalties for possession of up to 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of pot or the transfer of up to an ounce as long as no money is made from it. When asked if passage of the bill would change his personal behavior, Frank joked, “I obey every law I vote for,” but added that he didn’t smoke marijuana and did not encourage others do so either.

According to NORML, there have been over 20 million marijuana-related arrests in the United States over the last 40 years.