Sore Losers

In this clip from his Sirius radio show yesterday, Michelangelo Signorile tears into a Hillary supporter because the guy says he’ll now vote for McCain.

Here’s Signorile’s post about what he calls a “rough day” on the show. An excerpt:

That’s why I got tough on Wednesday with many angry Clinton supporters — understandably demoralized — who called in to say that there was no way they could vote for Obama and would now be voting for McCain. This, even though they would rather a Democrat, and in some cases they are gay and understand that John McCain courts antigay bigots.

That, to me, crosses the line and is completely unacceptable and is, frankly, insane. Is it about race? In many cases, I’m sure. In other cases, perhaps not, but whatever it is, it’s time we hash it out and get to the bottom of it and make sure people understand the stakes here. This clip was just one exchange from a very emotional day on the show on Wednesday, as Clinton and Obama supporters called in droves. Things are raw and tense, and a lot of people are grieving. But we have really got to come together. Hopefully Hillary Clinton will help to do that in her unity speech this weekend, something I wish she’d done on Tuesday night but which will still be enormously helpful.