No Fruitful Multiplying = No Marriage

Well, at least the Catholic Church isn’t using the procreation argument just against gays.

A paraplegic man was recently denied a church marriage by a bishop in Italy because he was impotent, say reports. The 26-year-old man ultimately had to go for a civil marriage on Saturday in Viterbo.

“No bishop, no priest can celebrate a wedding when he knows of admitted impotence as it is a motive for annulment (of the marriage),” the Australian quoted Salvatore de Ciuco, spokesman for Bishop Lorenzo Chiarinelli of Viterbo in central Italy, as telling SkyTG24 television.

The groom has been paraplegic since he was involved in a car accident, said the television report. His fiancee was aware of his impotency, the report added. The curate of the parish, who was banned from marrying the couple, was present at their civil ceremony.

Even the Freepers are puzzled by this one. Is it because really because they can’t have kids? Or is it because they can’t fuck?