Saturday Reading

Someone in the blog comments yesterday mentioned this story by Joe as a favorite. “I’m resting!”

My favorite Joe. My. God. story, though, is one that he has not yet posted, but read to a crowd at the final WYSIWYG last year. Titled “Hanky Codes,” it involved, in typical Joe fashion, a leatherman wearing so much gear “that he looked like Tina Turner in a chainmail dress in the Thunderdome.”

Anyway …

It’s Saturday and, since folks sometimes have a few weekend moments for leisure reading — and Joe hasn’t taken away my ability to post, yet — I thought I would suggest a piece from the blogosphere that I read recently and and impressed me as good storytelling …

The piece is something by a local blogger here in New York, called “GB5 at the Eagle.” Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

You guys read any great blog stories lately? Or have you written something special?

Use the comments on this post to suggest Saturday blog reading of your own, or just to chat.