Israel To Get Memorial To
Gay Holocaust Victims

Tel Aviv will be the site of Israel’s first memorial to the gay victims of the Nazis.

Three iron panels, each 5 meters wide and deep, and partially buried, will form a 3-dimensional triangular pit, from which light will stream. Names of the registered homosexual Nazi victims will be inscribed inside in Hebrew, though the actual number of victims and every name is not known.

“The pit inside the triangle represents the deep well of hatred that homosexuals faced and is a metaphor as the dead-end of being in a concentration camp; the inability to escape,” says Pinkas. A dedication will also be inscribed in English. Assouline’s design was selected as “the most creative and simple. We did not want something extravagant.”

A handful of large-scale Holocaust memorials to homosexuals exist worldwide, including in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and within weeks in Berlin. The “Homomonument” in Amsterdam, designed by Karin Daam, comprised of three triangles in a pink-tone marble, abuts the Anne Frank House and a church.

Tel Aviv will also be host to the world’s first LGBT community center entirely financed and run by a local government. The center is scheduled to open on June 1st.