Wingnuts Protest The Protest

So much for the wingnuts keeping their kids at home today. Instead, these jokers in Nebraska took it to the school.

A small group of anti-gay demonstrators who showed up at Lincoln East High School Friday morning prompted 10 to 15 students to stage their own protest, with one student running through a banner that said “homosexuality is a sin.”

At about 7:30 a.m., Lincoln police got a report of several adults carrying anti-gay posters near Lincoln East, said Officer Katie Flood. Police didn’t arrest or cite anyone but documented the disturbance, Flood said. The incident took place during the school’s Day of Silence, an annual, student-driven event that took place in high schools across Lincoln Friday, said Gene Thompson, associate principal at Lincoln East.

The event allowed students to be silent during times when they were not in class to bring awareness to acts of harassment against gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender students. Thompson said three or four adults carried anti-gay posters in a public park south of the school. He said more than a dozen students then began protesting the adults. The school sent administration and security staff to ensure nothing happened. The school didn’t suspend anyone and the incident was over by shortly after 8 a.m., Thompson said.