Wingnut Lawyers Offer To Defend Students Who Sit Out Day Of Silence

The Liberty Counsel, a right-wing group that provides free legal defense on issues of religious liberty and “family values” has issued a counter-protest advisory in advance of next week’s National Day Of Silence, the annual protest of anti-gay bullying in public schools, and is asking students who feel discriminated against to contact them.

Liberty Counsel is encouraging students to mount a counter-celebration to promote a positive message of purity on the Day of Silence. Students are encouraged to wear white and to distribute flyers promoting sexual purity whenever other students are permitted to distribute literature promoting the Day of Silence. We have posted informational flyers and resources on our Day of Purity web site to promote abstinence. The flyers include information about relationships, STDs and related topics.

Some school administrators do not understand that students cannot be penalized for refusing to observe the Day of Silence. Here are some recent complaints Liberty Counsel has received:

Florida – A principal told a father that if his son was not at school on the Day of Silence that the boy would fail the school year. Indiana – A public school is participating in the Day of Silence against the wishes of some parents. Parents were told that it is “against the law” to cancel the program and that any absences would be unexcused that day. Iowa – A school board member told a former student that a student refusing to speak on the Day of Silence was not anymore disruptive in a school setting than a “Christian wearing a cross.” Oklahoma – A high school graduate wrote to her former principal to protest the celebration of the Day of Silence. The principal said that if he did not allow the Day of Silence, he could not allow Bible clubs and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. South Dakota – A student was told that if she is absent on the Day of Silence, she must write a paper explaining why she will not participate.

Students are not required to participate in the Day of Silence. Parents who do not want their children exposed to GLSEN’s anti-family agenda can choose to keep their children home. We have prepared a letter that explains that students can choose not to participate in the Day of Silence.

If your child is being discriminated against for not observing the Day of Silence, call Liberty Counsel at 800-671-1776. If you send an email, please include your name, address, daytime telephone number and the best time to return your call.

Please pray that students will be protected from forced indoctrination by GLSEN, especially next week, and that the truth will prevail.

“Sexual purity.” You know you want to call them.