PhoboQuotable – Albert Mohler

In the Christian Post, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, reacts to the Times Magazine article about young married gays, taking particular note of the couple that hinted that theirs would be an open marriage.

“Young Gay Rites” is itself a noteworthy signal about the future of marriage. If Denizet-Lewis is right, the legalization of same-sex marriage is changing the ways some homosexuals are living their lives. In other words, same-sex marriage in Massachusetts is changing homosexual culture in some unexpected ways.

The Christian concern about marriage is rooted in the picture that marriage provides. Marriage is a covenant and the central institution for human society. The picture of marriage is the bringing together of those who are alike (both made in the image of God) and different (male and female). Out of this picture of difference brought together within covenant comes the gifts that flow from marriage.

The tragedy of same-sex marriage is not the awkwardness and strangeness revealed in this article, but the repudiation of that picture. That repudiation represents a great loss and confusion – but it also represents a violation of God’s command concerning marriage.

Denizet-Lewis’s article raises at least one final thought. If the legalization of same-sex marriage is changing homosexual culture, is it also changing heterosexual marriage? We can only wonder how long it will take for some heterosexual couples to decide that “emotional fidelity” and “sexual fidelity” can be separated.

We are living in the midst of vast cultural change. It is almost as if an entire civilization is being transformed before our eyes. Reading “Young Gay Rites” should be sufficient to make that realization hard to miss.

Somebody needs to lift up that rock and holler down to Mohler that millions of hets already have open marriages.

(Via – Queerty)