Idol’s Top Six

Father Tony came over to watch American Idol with me last night after I declined his invitation to watch it at Urge. (Somehow I didn’t feel like watching David Archuleta through the sweaty legs of go-go boys.)

Last night the six remaining contestants performed the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber and when the announcer said that Webber had “composed most of the important musicals of our time,” I looked over at Tony. “Did you just hear a loud noise coming from Brooklyn? I think Little David’s head just exploded.” Heh. In his excellent review of last night’s show, the Huffington Post’s Michael Glitz had something to say about that.

Both Tony and I agree that Jason Castro bombed, Brooke White is a goner tonight, and that David Archuleta is no longer the presumptive winner. Check out David Cook’s take on Music Of The Night.