HomoQuotable – Gilbert Baker

“All revolutions start with a word, and the word is no. No to injustice, no to discrimination, no to oppression, no to slavery, no to violence, no to lives dictated by fear. Yes to love. The defiant colors in our flag have unfurled that idea for thirty years.

“The Rainbow Flag lives because it represents us all in our diversity and beauty. It endures because it connects us to nature and transcends words to lift hearts, enlighten minds and inspire courage everywhere.

“My life has been devoted to creating, expanding and evolving its use. In the vernacular of vexillographers, a true flag is torn from the soul of the people, millions of people worldwide united in an expression of love and pride.

“The rainbow flag is an art action. When people fly the rainbow flag, put it on a bumper sticker, or t-shirt, or use any of its endless variations, they are saying something. Right out front they’re saying this is who I am.

“It is a direct visibility action gay people are doing everywhere, phenomenal in every sense. The rainbow is a connector, a global channel, it surfs the wind of change.

“Flags are of the moment. The rainbow flag is a conscious thought, a brave and fearless action. It belongs to everyone. And that is what makes it wonderful.” – Rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker, marking the flag’s 30th anniversary. [Photo credit: Mick Hicks.]