HomoQuotable – Azariah Southworth

“This has been a long time coming. I’m in a place where I’m at peace with my faith, friends, family and more importantly myself. I know this will end my career in Christian television, but I must now live my life openly and honestly with everyone. This is my reason for doing this.

“I know I will be cut off from many within the Christian community, and if so, then they didn’t get the point of the life of Christ. I believe by me living my life honestly and authentically now, I am able to be a better person and a better Christian. We all know there are so many other gay people in the Christian industry; they’re just all scared. I was scared, but now I’m no longer afraid.” – Nashville-based Christian television host Azariah Southworth, coming out to the press.

Southworth’s popular syndicated show, The Remix, can be seen in 128 million homes worldwide on several Christian networks. Welcome, Azariah.