Hanes Apologizes

After a complaint from GLAAD, Hanes has apologized for the “Lipstick” campaign, which came to national attention last week after a JMG reader tipped us when he found the images on a website dedicated to overseas advertising. The ad was created by a Bombay-based division of McCann Erickson. Via GLAAD:

According to a press release from Hanes dated April 15, 2008, “[T]hese ads were not developed at the request of Hanesbrands,” and that “the ads were developed by advertising agency McCann Erickson for their own purposes and did not receive authorized approval from Hanesbrands.” Hanes went on to say, “We regret this episode and are taking steps to assure that such an event never occurs again. We apologize to all those offended by the ads. We, too, were offended.”

I can definitely understand GLAAD’s posture that the “f-word” is unacceptable in any context, even moreso in advertising, but I still found the ads compelling and challenging.