Fallout For Azariah Southworth

After coming out in the gay press two days ago, there has been some fallout in the “Christian industry” for televangelist Azariah Southworth. Nashville columnist Nathan West, who writes for the local gay newspaper Out & About, has done an interview with Southworth. An excerpt:

Nathan: What is the current status of The Remix? [Southworth’s show.] Has it been canceled, and/or do the networks even know you came out yet?

Azariah: I do know that as of today (Thursday) the second day of all the chaos, one network has taken The Remix off the air. I have not heard from the other two networks. I do know they are soon to follow.

Nathan: Is the show something you’d want to fight for? If you love it and it’s your passion, would you be curious to see if you can stand up and insist that the show go on, since you are the producer?

Azariah: I know these people, and this crowd. It’s the whole Pat Robertson and TBN crowd. There is no way in this lifetime they will allow a openly gay person on their networks. I wouldn’t fight for it because I know the fight would be in vain. I’m hoping that secular networks will come forth and be interested in picking it up. It really is a great show concept and very fast paced and I still own the rights to it! I know it would do great on something like MTV, FUSE, LOGO, etc.

Nathan: I’m sure there are many gay men and women in Christian media who are hiding in the closet. Is it something everybody knows but doesn’t talk about? Do you know if anyone else plans on coming out specifically because you did?

Azariah: I have actually received several emails from people actually coming out to me that are in the Christian industry. Sometimes everyone does know about “that one person in the office” but no one dares talk about it. No one has come to me saying they have plans to come out but I have been told they wish they had the courage to.

Read the rest of Southworth’s interview on Nathan West’s blog, Nathan Exposed.