Daily Grumble

On Friday my super finally fixed my front door so it doesn’t slam shut when you let it go, after three years of my occasionally annoying the neighbors by letting it slip. Last night I noticed that my house guest had left it slightly open when he left to go out bar hopping. I “tsk tsked” him in my head and thought nothing further. But a couple of hours later when I went to bed I noticed that Shelley didn’t immediately jump in with me, as is her habit.

I should have looked for her right when I found the door open, but she’s always been a little afraid of the door and wouldn’t go near it, thanks its former rapid-slam feature. I ran into the hallway and heard her crying immediately. I found her up on the fifth floor, sitting on the sill of an open window in the stairwell. Just a slight mishap, but it was the most panicked ten minutes I’ve had in years. Kept me awake for an hour.