The Chosen Family

On Saturday night my clan gathered at Nowhere Bar to celebrate Dr. Jeff’s 30th birthday. The next day, the always eloquent Father Tony reflected on our chosen family:

As I looked about the room, I saw a few new faces, but mostly those of the men we have come to know over the past few years. Our little brigade has grown and evolved and owns much common memory. Now, we are known to each other rather deeply. As is the case with any family, there have been great bushels of laughter, a few words that might have been better left unsaid, some romance, some dalliance and some easily forgiven nonsense by the revelries of the moon. We have supported each other in unwarranted ways, and have not written each other off because of imperfect behavior. We have kept secrets, and not kept secrets. We have sometimes embellished the secrets we have not kept. Throughout, we have edited and framed each other brilliantly.

Yes, yes, yes.