Mike Jones: Naked B4 God

Mike Jones is performing a one-man show in Denver about his exposure of Ted Haggard.

Would you sacrifice everything to expose the hypocrisy of a man who influenced millions of believers? Naked Before God is the riveting true story of Mike Jones by Mike Jones, the man who revealed the truth about Ted Haggard’s secret life. Ted Haggard – minister, leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (and its thirty million followers), friend to politicians and the White House. And a three-year client of Mike Jones, a gay masseur who guaranteed satisfaction. Jones lays bare the facts of their relationship and events leading to his fateful disclosure. When is it right to betray a confidence? When does the right to know outweigh the right to privacy? And is telling the truth worth giving up everything you’ve worked for? Told with frank honesty and humor, Naked Before God is a fascinating and powerful night of theater!

Written by Neal J. Davis, Naked B4 God runs from March 13 – 22 at The Bug Theater in Denver.