BREAKING: NY Gov. Spitzer To Reveal Involvement With Prostitution Ring

New York’s Democratic governor and friend of the gays, Eliot Spitzer, will hold a press conference today to reveal his involvement in a prostitution ring.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning. Mr. Spitzer, who was huddled with his top aides early this afternoon, had hours earlier abruptly canceled his scheduled public events for the day. He is set to make an announcement about 2:15 this afternoon at his Manhattan office.

Mr. Spitzer, a first-term Democrat who pledged to bring ethics reform and end the often seamy ways of Albany, is married with three children. Just last week, federal prosecutors arrested four people in connection with an expensive prostitution operation. Administration officials would not say that this was the ring with which the governor had become involved.

Horrible, horrible news. And deeply disappointing. How…Republican of him. As a Democrat superdelegate, Spitzer has endorsed Hillary Clinton. There will surely be fallout for the Clinton campaign.

UPDATE: Apparently Spitzer has been indicted as a client of the Emperors Club VIP, a DC-based escort operation. In the investigation, Spitzer is identified as “Client 9”, a man who hired a hooker to come to his room at the Mayflower Hotel on Feb.13th of this year. Emperors Club escort fees go from $1000-$5500 an hour.

UPDATE II: Hillary’s no-comment comment:”Let’s wait and see what comes out over the next days, but right now I don’t have any comment, and I think it’s appropriate just to wish his family well, and we’ll wait and see how things develop.”