Remember last week when the Polish president used a video of American gay couple getting married as a warning to his nation on the evils of homosexuality? Well, this is a fantastic development:

A married gay New York City couple have become the darlings of the Polish media since arriving in the country on the weekend. Brendan Fay and Tom Moulton were unknown in Poland until it was discovered they were the couple whose wedding pictures were illegally used by Lech Kaczynski last week to warn that ratifying a European Union treaty would lead to the forced legalization gay marriage.

When Fay found that the pictures were used without his or Moulton’s permission he filed a formal complaint with the Polish consulate in New York. Kaczynski used the pictures in his conservative Law and Order Party’s campaign against the European Union’s proposed charter of rights, called the Lisbon Treaty, during a national broadcast. Fey and Moulton were legally married in Toronto in 2003. It was not clear where Kaczynski obtained the picture.


The trip to Warsaw was paid for by TVN – a private television station.Reporters and camera crews were on the ground when the plane landed and have been following them ever since in what Polish gay rights advocates say it is the biggest bonanza for LGBT in the country’s history.

On Monday Fay and Moulton, met with Ryszard Kalisz, the head of the parliamentary committee on human rights in Poland and a leading member of the left of center coalition.At a news conference on Monday Moulton said that he and Fay were impressed with the reception they’ve received.

“I want to reiterate that we feel comforted by the Polish people who feel badly how our images have been used. We come here in the hope of opening a dialogue with a community that may have not had much voice and that will make Poland a better place. The issue here is about equality.”

A huge round of applause to Tom Moulton and Brendan Fay!