SpecPubs Sued For $4M
After Kid Sees Gay Porn

Kent Blackwelder, a former Big Brother contestant, is suing Specialty Publications for $4M because his 12 year-old daughter opened a mailing from them which contained gay porn, including a sample DVD from Titan Media, Farm Fresh.

From the suit: “Mary Doe [Blackwelder’s daughter], being a curious child and thinking the free DVD offer was for a Disney movie, opened the envelope at which time she was horribly shocked to see numerous sexually explicit photographs of completely nude males.”

The suit is seeking damages for “extreme emotional distress” for both Blackwelder and his daughter. “As a result of the negligence of Specialty Publications, the [Blackwelders] have sustained great pain of body and mind and emotional stress, including shock, horror, humiliation and embarrassment as well as anxiety.” Specialty Publications used to be owned by PlanetOut, which sold off the division last year.

Oh, the horror and humiliation of accidentally seeing a picture of people having sex! Ow, my freekin’ eyes! And how did Blackwelder get on that list in the first place? I’d just like to get paid for having seen Two Girls, One Cup. Ow, my freekin’ soul!