Jamaica: Most Homophobic Place On Earth

More anti-gay violence in Jamaica:

MANDEVILLE, Jamaica — One night last month, Andre and some friends were finishing dinner when a mob showed up at the front gate. Yelling anti-gay slurs and waving machetes, sticks and knives, 15 to 20 men kicked in the front door of the home he and his friends had rented and set upon them.

Inspector Claude Smith says of gays, “I don’t think they can survive in the open.”
“I thought I was dead,” Andre, 20, a student, recounted in a faint voice, still scared enough that he was in hiding and did not want his full name to be used.

The mob pummeled him senseless. His right hand, the one he used to shield himself from the blows, is now covered with bandages. His skull has deep cut marks and his ear was sliced in half, horizontally. Doctors managed to sew it back together and he can hear out of it again.

Being gay in Jamaica is not easy.

Is there a concerted effort out there to boycott Jamaica? All I’ve ever seen is the occasional outraged blog post or news story. Can’t we persuade the cruise industry to leave Jamaica off their itineraries?