Daily Grumble

When I do these weekend trips, I rarely carry more than a backpack and small carry-on, but this time since I was bringing something for Father Tony, I had to use my big suitcase….which Spirit Airlines charged me $20 to check at the ticket counter.  Grrr.  I vaguely recall hearing about this new practice a few months ago, but since I never check baggage I hadn’t thought much about it. I went back to my flight document and yes, the baggage charge is noted at the bottom.  But still. 

Oh, and on the flight there was no free beverage service and what you did order had to be paid by credit card only.  At least there were no drink trolleys blocking the aisles as everything was served off a tray, Vegas-style.  Seven bucks for a Bloody Mary.  I’m so going back to JetBlue.