No Relief On Super Tuesday

The way the delegate math is shaping up, Super Tuesday will not provide us with a clear Democratic leader. According to predictions, even after February 5th, Clinton and Obama will be within 10 percentage points of each other in delegate count and neither is expected to withdraw.

Can we really endure another seven months of this? The convention isn’t until the last week in August.

I keep flashing back to Al Gore saying in December that he “wouldn’t entirely rule out” his ever being a candidate again. Damn him for saying that. At least the Draft Gore movement officially closed up shop a few weeks ago, after the deadline to get him into the primaries became a “legal impossibility.” But you never know. If the convention turns into the morass it’s shaping up to be, how wonderful would it be to find Al Gore behind the curtain?

I know. I’m dreaming.


Those are in alphabetical order because right now I just can’t give enough of a fuck about the three leaders. How’s that for reasoned political analysis?

UPDATE: Interestingly, the “Question Of The Day” on CNN today is: “If the Democratic Convention is deadlocked, should Al Gore enter the race?”