Today On OutQ: Angels & Gassies

Today Michelangelo Signorile broadcasts his annual “Angels & Gassies” show on Sirius OutQ.

Michelangelo Signorile salutes the year’s heroes – and skewers the year’s villains – with his annual “Angels and Gassies” awards. For newbies: The “Gassies” are the hate-filled, dangerous gasbags, monsters, liars, cheats, war-mongers on the right. The “Angels” are those who fight them. It’s four hours of hilarious clips, cutting commentary, and nominations from listeners!

Mike asked me to be a “special presenter” this year, so tune in (2PM EST, 11AM PST) to hear my nomination. Mine is a “Gassie”. Who do you think I picked? Get a free 3-day trial of Sirius here.