Failed Ex-Gay Gunman: I Will Rain Columbine Down On The Christian World

More evidence about Matthew Murray has been released to the press:

DENVER — Among the items taken from a search of gunman Matthew Murray’s home was a picture of former New Life pastor Ted Haggard, according to police documents released Wednesday. Murray lived in the Englewood home in with his father, mother and brother. The family was very devout and the parents had home-schooled both children, neighbors said.

According to the police documents, officers confiscated a Beretta, ammunition, a pamphlet entitled “Fall of America,” literature on Youth With A Mission, a Bible, a journal, a pistol, a homicide investigation manual, prescription pills, several hard drives, gun cases and boxes of ammunition.

In several online writings, posted weeks before the two deadly church shootings, Murray expressed his rage at organized religion and at Youth With A Mission, which had kicked him out of a missionary program for unspecified “health reasons.”

Murray wrote that he would rain Columbine down on the Christian world. He came “armed to the teeth,” as he promised, bringing an assault rifle, two handguns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition when he walked into New Life Church.

He also wrote that Haggard was his mother’s favorite pastor and in a post about four hours before the shootings at New Life, he wrote that Christianity to him was “hate, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional), hypocrisy, and lies.”

You have to wonder how many other Matthew Murrays are being brewed right now.