CBS Anchor To NYC Cop: You Dyke Bitch!

Alyica Lane, CBS news anchor for Philadelphia’s KYW-TV, was arrested in Chelsea last night for calling a female cop a “dyke bitch” and then punching the cop in the face.

Reportedly, Lane and her boyfriend, radio disc jockey Chris Booker, got into a traffic altercation with a slow-moving unmarked police car. When the cops exited their vehicle to question Booker, Lane got out of her car to begin taking pictures. When the female cop told Lane to stand back, Lane shouted that she was a reporter, adding “I don’t care that you’re a cop – you dyke bitch!” That’s when Lane allegedly slugged the female officer.

Lane was arrested and taken to the NYPD 10th Precinct where she was charged with assaulting an officer. The cop was treated at a hospital and released. Lane’s lawyer claims she “absolutely” did not insult or assault anybody. The lawyer: “She was accosted by several individuals wearing plainclothes who violently grabbed her camera to prevent her from taking pictures of the altercation they were involved in.” He said Lane “was shocked to learn that these people were police officers after the fact.” Lane is currently free without bail.

It will be very interesting to see how CBS handles this. Assaulting a cop is a serious offense, but the “dyke bitch” aspect of the incident could be a career ender.