Welcome Wagon

Monday, 9pm, IM conversation…..

Friend Of Joe: Hey neighbor!
JMG: Hey. Neighbor? You moved?
FOJ: Yup, my sister and I just moved to the UES.
JMG: Cool! Where?
FOJ: You know that hi-rise over Bed Bath & Beyond?
JMG: Sure, fancy building.
FOJ: Yeah, it’s great. Super convenient.
JMG: Right, you’ve got BBB in the lobby and that giant Food Emporium next door. A queen’s dream. 🙂
FOJ: And the movie theatre on the block and tons of restaurants. Loving it.
JMG: Not to mention Scores (titty bar) is right across the street, in case you run out of skanky ho’s.
(Two minutes of silence.)
FOJ: My sister works there. That’s why we moved here.
JMG: Oh. Shit.
FOJ: I’ll tell her you said “hi”.