ENDA Vote Delayed

The ENDA vote won’t be today after all.

Originally expected to be voted upon as early as tomorrow morning, a vote on the rule for the bill by the Rules Committee, a process necessary to move the bill to the House floor, has been postponed until the committee meets at 2pm ET tomorrow. An earlier meeting of the committee was canceled.

“The vote on the bill could be next week or this week,” David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign told PageOneQ. “It’s all very fluid,” The former senior staffer for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) added.

Jeremy Bishop, executive director of Pride At Work, the national LGBT labor organization, said the organization has been “spending 100% of its time and energies rallying Representatives to support the Baldwin Amendment. We have seen Representatives flip their position and support the amendment because they understand it has labor’s backing. A delay in the bill’s consideration gives us more time to express to Representatives that labor supports this Amendment and they should as well.

“Clearly,” added Bishop, “Our campaign for a UNITED ENDA is working.”

(Via – PageOneQ.)