UB2 Dating Hits Gotham

A new monthly gay dating event called “HIV-, UB2” launches in December.

In response to the recent upward trend of new HIV infections in our city, the time has come to support HIV- people who wish to meet other HIV- people. To offer support, empowerment, awareness and understanding so HIV- people can create the same support network that HIV+ people have. For us to win the war against HIV, we must understand that HIV- people are the future. If you are HIV- and wish to meet other HIV- people, join us.

It’s time to move forward and to reach our goal – the END OF HIV.

There are many dating support groups out there for poz guys and a similar service for HIV- guys doesn’t strike me as inherently wrong. Still, I don’t like the wording of this ad, the “HIV- people are the future” part really pisses me off and the title of the event is flat out offensive. As was noted here on JMG several posts down, by far the most infectious HIV+ people are the ones who think they are HIV-, the target audience for this event.

It bears repeating that unless you haven’t had sex since several months before your last negative HIV result and not at all since, there are ONLY two ways to answer this question:

Are you HIV positive?

A) Yes.
B) I don’t know.

Any other answer is pure speculation.