Naugle Causes Rift Among Black Activists

Fort Lauderdale’s Naugle debacle is causing a rift among local black activists, with the NAACP coming down on the side of gay activists. On the other side, some black ministers are decrying the NAACP’s involvement, with one saying, ”The NAACP is getting away from their mission . . . the organization never got involved with sex sins. Homosexuals have masterfully redefined words to suit their cause . . . theirs is not a civil rights issue.” NAACP Chairman Julian Bond recently endorsed gay marriage, further enraging black fundamentalists.

But some black religious leaders are no friends of Naugle. Rev. Rosalind Osgood: ”He’s continued to be downright derogatory about various groups of people different from himself, whether they be black, poor or gay. My faith doesn’t allow me to support the practice of homosexuality, but no one should be degraded . . . Jesus loves everybody regardless of their sins or other problems.”