Naugle Booted From Tourism Board

Yesterday Broward County commissioners voted unanimously to boot Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle from their Tourism Development Board, citing his hate speech which has already cost the city vacation and convention business. During his remarks before the vote, out gay County Commissioner Ken Keechi said, “Let do the right thing, let’s throw him off this board.” Fight OUT Loud president Waymon Hudson said he is “very happy” with the decision, calling it a first step to reclaiming Fort Lauderdale (Video).

UNITE Fort Lauderdale reps had told me before the vote that they were only certain of getting three of the commissioners to vote to remove Naugle. I’m happily surprised too as I wrote to all nine commissioners, but only got replies from two, including a nice note from Ken Keechi. There is no mechanism to recall Naugle, who is term-limited from running again.