HomoQuotable – Jonathan Capehart

“To gays and lesbians, flubbing the choice-vs.-nature question is like botching the answer to “What’s one plus one?” Note to [New Mexico Governor] Richardson’s current and former gay staffers and supporters: Do an intervention — and get him an Ambien — before he implodes again.” – Visible Vote ’08 panelist and Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart, commenting on Richardson’s contention that jet lag caused him to answer as he did.

Capehart goes on to say that he “doesn’t fault” Clinton, Obama, or Edwards for their opposition to gay marriage, agreeing that political pragmatism trumps personal ideals in the campaign. Capehart: “Many gays and lesbians couldn’t care less about the political calculus involved in gay marriage. They are being denied basic civil rights, and they want them now.”