CNN On Airport Cruising And
Craig’s Press Conference

CNN interviewed the head of Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport security to ask about their recent restroom sting operations, which have netted 45 “CEO’s, bank presidents, and college professors” among others. To his credit, the airport cop says, “You would think that it would be a gay issue but overwhelmingly, more and more, we’re seeing that these are people with families.” The niggling implication that gay men don’t have families aside, it’s good to see him frame this as an issue of closeted “straight” men. He also describes the gay public cruising website (unnamed, but obviously as a “valuable resource” for the police. (Video via – Towleroad.) And just for fun, here’s then Representative Craig’s 1982 denial of having had sex with male minor Capitol Hill pages. It’s kind of amazing that it took 25 years for Craig to get busted.