Them Bodies Got Soul

Last night we corralled a bunch of the guys at the Dugout and headed uptown for the Body & Soul reunion party at Studio Mezmor (formerly Crobar), the megaclub next door to the Eagle that I haven’t been inside in three years. We walked in and immediately hit the dance floor, where we remained the entire time. The vibe at Body & Soul parties is tremendously happy, if it were still a weekly event, I can’t imagine that I’d ever miss one. Last night’s highlights: Lady America – Voyage, Lovin’ Is Really My Game – Brainstorm, Walking On Sunshine – Rocker’s Revenge.

I do wish DJ Danny Krivits would lay off the EQ tricks, he totally ruined the ending of the Brainstorm track. But otherwise it was a typically delirious Body & Soul, as good as the last one, with ball queens, break dancers, celebubears, and manic Japanese hipsters tearing the roof off the sucka. Dr. Jeff was really feeling the music last night, he pushed aside a couple of voguers and took over their go-go box. The boy was out of control! But I guess I also had too good a time, today I’m finding pics on my camera that I don’t recall taking. Stupid drunkenness-proving camera.