Pace Out As Chief Of Staff

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Friday that he was replacing General Peter “Gays Are Immoral” Pace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. Gates had planned on naming Pace to another two-year term as Joint Chief, but changed his mind after consulting key members of Congress who are working on 2008 election damage control for the Republicans. CNN is reporting that Pace’s departure may be linked to his anti-gay attitude.

Gates said, “I have decided that at this moment in our history, the nation, our men and women in uniform and General Pace himself would not be well served by a divisive ordeal in selecting the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” Back in March, Pace had said, “I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts,” resulting in the outrage of gays nationwide and the rejuvenation of ACT-UP who protested Pace’s remarks in Times Square. Most Democratic candidates were quick to take the opportunity to issue remarks decrying Pace’s commentary, although Hillary Clinton in particular was a bit slow on the draw.

Sharra Greer, director of law and policy for the Servicepersons Legal Defense Network, said, “Congressional leaders, in warning Secretary of Defense Gates that Pace’s remarks would be an obstacle to his confirmation, have sent a clear message that anti-gay prejudice has no place in public policy debates.”

According to reports, Pace’s departure may also have to do with his support of Scooter Libby and the Iraq war, but however you dice it, General Homohater is gone, daddy, gone. And the week starts on a good note for the movement.