Anti-Gay Wingnut To Be Surgeon General

President Bush has nominated an anti-gay religious whack-job to be U.S. Surgeon General. Dr. James Holsinger, the man to be put in charge of the health of all Americans, runs a little side project with his wife called Hope Springs Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky, where in addition to helping those with alcohol and drug problems, he ministers to people he claims no longer wish to be gay or lesbian. A representative of the church says, “We see that as an issue not of orientation but of lifestyle. We have people who seek to walk out of that lifestyle.”

James McDaniel, coordinator of Soulforce Lexington, a local chapter of the national LGBT group that opposes religion-based bigotry, says, “Dr. James Holsinger has demonstrated in the past that he harbors religious-based prejudice towards homosexuals. As a gay American, I am deeply concerned over any surgeon general nominee not being healed of such personal prejudice.”

There will likely be an outcry from the major gay orgs regarding Holsinger. I will keep you advised. His Senate confirmation hearing should be scheduled shortly. Holsinger must appear before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which is chaired by Ted Kennedy, with other committee members including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.