Wednesday Linky Love

  • My former roommate in SF is a lifer with Sun Microsystem and he hipped me to Kelly Moyer, an openly transgender employee now blogging on their site. Drop by and welcome Kelly to the ‘sphere. And props to Sun!
  • Farmboy Father Tony riffs on a lifetime of hat collecting.
  • Mack Daddy DJ Rich Morel has posted a new podcast which includes some of his new mixes for Yoko Ono and Empulse. Fantastic stuff there. Blowoff, the hottest dance party on the East Coast, is this Saturday.
  • Bilerico has a guest post from Democratic Indiana Rep. Joe Donnelly who defends his vote against the Hate Crimes Act, saying he feels the act would be “ineffective”. Infuriating.
  • Towleroad has sad news about Tammy Faye, who has ceased her ineffective cancer treatments.
  • By The Bayou has a great piece about a recent terror alert spawned by Canadian quarters. Now your washing machines are safe from Al-Qaeda.
  • Wayne Besen has the story about furniture maker Mitchell Gold’s new billboard campaign against religion-based homophobia.

UPDATE: Wayne Besen will be appearing the NYC LGBT Community Center next Thursday, May 17th, to talk about his new book, Bashing Back: Wayne Besen on GLBT People,
Politics, and Culture
, which is now available.