Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of Seven Stories Press, today’s Swag Tuesday prize is a hardback copy of Mike Jones’ brand new autobiography, The Art Of Ted Haggard’s Fall: I Had To Say Something (cowriter: Sam Gallegos). The book ships this week.

I can’t imagine that any regular reader of this or most any other gay blog would not know who Mike Jones is, but on that odd chance, go here or here (or click on his topic label) to read about Jones’ stunning revelation, which earned him being voted by the readers of this and many other gay blogs as 2006 Queer Of The Year. The political fallout of Haggard’s disgrace continues today.

Mike sent me an advance of the book last week and I raced through it one evening after dinner. And what do you know, gentle readers? Y’all are in the book! Mike gave the readers of JMG a very heartfelt message of thanks in the final chapter, the classy guy. The book’s a breezy read, Mike and his co- writer have delivered a simple, personal recounting of the story, complete with juicy sex tidbits about the Reverend sprinkled here and there. Ugh. But I still loved reading it.

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