Peanuts, Cracker Jack, Prostates

From the sports site Bugs & Cranks:

The National League is abuzz over the early performance of the 22-10 Milwaukee Brewers. Apparently, they’re not satisfied to kick ass, they want to be elbow deep in it. The Crew is offering free rectal exams at Miller Park on Tuesday, giving free tickets to men who let Freddie Fingers touch their anus. They need promotions to get folks to the park with the Nationals in town, but I’m not sure Dr. Feely is going to pack the house. You’d think they could at least do this on “seat cushion night.”

Good for the Brewers for promoting rectal health, but the sports blogs are having a field day with this. Asshole Exam Night was yesterday, so sorry for the late notice if you’re in Wisconsin. Insert (ahem) your baseball/butthole jokes below.