Downloading Dildos

Home 3-D printers are coming. Technology exists for the downloading and creation of 3-dimensional objects, created in home printer “easy-bake” ovens and the prices are expected to be within the reach of most home consumers wthin a few years. By then, you’ll be able to download the specs for and create a missing cellphone cover, doll part, art object, whatever…as long as it can be created out of powered plastic that can be hardened by lasers, heat, or chemicals.

The first consumer model is coming this year from Desktop Labs at a price of $4995. Prices are expected to drop sharply once mass production is called for. Since the internet is for porn, I can already imagine sex toys being created in this manner, for those too timid to visit their local shop or order direct. Porn stars should be 3-D modeling themselves for “realistic and lifelike” home versions, stat!