212-Screw U

So I finally have a landline, after six years in NYC with just a cellphone. And very surprisingly, I have a highly prized 212 number, which even shocked the Time-Warner digital phone guy who installed the line, telling me it was only the second 212 he’d ever put in. Even though I haven’t given anybody the new number yet, I have gotten four calls on it. And ALL four came from a scam outfit calling themselves “the New York Fraternal Order of Police”, soliciting donations for “needed safety equipment.” As most New Yorkers should know, the state police never solicit public donations.

Although these phone scams piss me off, at least I knew about them before the calls started and was able to give those con artists a few choice words before they hung up on me. However, I am more than a little pissed at Time-Warner, whom I presume immediately added my new number to some list they sell. Grrrr.