Jennicam Redux

In a real-life remake of the film Ed-TV, from San Francisco (where else) comes the story of Justin.TV, an internet show in which 24-year old Justin Kan is in the 11th day of wearing a netcam on his head and “lifecasting” to the world, 24 hours a day. Justin’s site is sagging from the hordes of net zombies anxiously chatting as they watch, riveted, as Justin brushes his teeth and goes to McDonald’s. The show’s slogan is “Waste time watching other people waste time.”

Corporate sponsors are rushing in to place their products in Justin’s apartment. Critics are calling Justin TV the “last gasp of Web 2.0” and something that will be looked back at in as much embarassment as the dot-com boom of the late 90’s. Justin’s backers plan to have hundreds of Justins out there eventually, saying that they plan on capturing the vital 18-35 male demo currently slipping through the fingers of the major networks.

Are we really that bored, people? The only thing that makes Justin TV slightly different from the Jennicams of the 90’s is his wireless mobility. I’ve tried to check in on Justin a couple of times this morning, but the site is overwhelmed. Maybe I should try a JMG-cam. You could watch my exciting life as I blog, change the kitty litter, and watch Law & Order reruns. On the other hand, a helmet cam on the second floor of the Eagle would be interesting, wouldn’t it?