CBN Targets San Diego Pride

The Christian Broadcast Network has set their sights on San Diego Pride, today publishing a news story accusing that city’s pride committee of targeting young children for recruitment, under the guise of family-friendly events, using “reformed” ex-gay, ex-con, and ex-drug addict James Hartline as their insider source.

Little do many realize how aggressively homosexual communities pursue and recruit youth to accept and adopt their lifestyle. But San Diego’s James Hartline knows full well the battle waged to win America’s youth. Just what would one see while attending San Diego’s Gay Pride Event? Hartline, who marched in the LGBT Pride Parade nine years ago before coming to Christ and leaving his homosexual lifestyle of 30 years, gives us a candid, first-hand look.

Panning across the summer festival, one would see pornographers, transvestites, male strippers, female flashers and scantily clad adults imitating homosexual acts as part of the public display. The entire event is rife with derogatory visuals aimed at perverting young and innocent minds.

Last year, Hartline witnessed a man wearing a thong while pedaling the LGBT Pride Parade route on a bicycle and handing out candy to children. This year, one can expect to see San Diego Cooperative Charter, a public kindergarten through 8th-grade school, marching its students in the parade under its banner in a repeat performance.

Hartline is dedicated to putting an end to the K-8 students’ participation. He brought their involvement into the public eye after witnessing children as young as six years old being exposed to the obscene atmosphere of the parade last year. Children participated while handing out pencils donning the school’s Web address.Licentious influences abound throughout the San Diego annual gay event, which openly invites children. Little discretion was shown by event organizers, as an 11-year-old girl was seen leaving the festivities with a bag filled with condoms and sexual lubricants. Hartline explained that the event provides an open market for gay porn companies, sex toy manufacturers, triple-x gay pornography and male escort services. Ironically, the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is promoted as a family-friendly festival. Yet its organizers announced that this year’s event will carry even more pornographic material than previous years.

The article continues with the typical Christian wingnut blather about gays using student groups such as the Gay-Straight Alliance for recruiting purposes. James Hartline is a member of Exodus, of course. Keep an out for ol’ James on Manhunt, San Diego. And please email me if you have evidence of James having any recent homo-indiscretions. As always, we are our own worst enemy.