Homo Phobo Rehab? Puh-leeze!

I haven’t said anything about the Isaiah Washington issue until now, because aside from the fact that he’s an actor I’d never heard of, from a show I’ve never watched, it’s just NOT that important a story in the grand scheme of gay activism. In a day when gays are subject to outright and open legalized discrimination, is it really worth devoting the time and money of major activist orgs to chase the potty-mouth of some C-list actor? I understand the need to make an example of Washington, that this is GLAAD’s raison d’etre, but this has all seemed to be a bit much.

I am rather amused, nonetheless, that GLAAD has successfully chased Washington into REHAB. Yes, he’s gone into homo-phobo-rehab. “Hi, my name’s Isaiah and I hate cocksuckers.” ALL: “Hi, Asaiah.” This has got to rank as the #1 WTF of 2007, to date.

So, what DOES one learn in homo-phobo-rehab? Best responses go into tomorrow’s post.