Gay Sheep: The Final Word (Hopefully)

The New York Times has finally weighed in on the “gay sheep” controversy of several weeks ago, crediting anonymous biologist blogger (and JMG commenter) Empty Pockets as unmasking PETA’s campaign to ruin the work and reputation of OHSU researcher Dr. Charles Roselli.

Martina Navrativola, however, stands by her allegiance with PETA, saying, ““The more we play God or try to improve on Mother Nature, the more damage we are doing with all kinds of experiments that either have already turned or will turn into nightmares. How in the world could straight or gay sheep help humanity?”

She just doesn’t get it. To paraphrase a commenter here on JMG, “What can be known, will be known.” What science does with the information is where we need to be vigilant. In the Times article, a professor from from the Center For Bioethics says it best: “This concern is best addressed by trying to change public perceptions of homosexuality rather than stop basic science on sexuality.”