Ruth Brown, Queen Mother Of The Blues

Legendary r&b and blues singer Ruth Brown died this weekend at age 78. A Grammy winner, a Tony winner, and a 1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Brown is probably best known to gay audiences as Hairspray’s Motormouth Maybelle.

“Tidely papa, I am a whopper!”

I was and remain a huge fan of Ruth Brown. In 1997, I was lucky enough to meet her while I was working promotion on her release R+B = Ruth Brown. Here’s a few classic Ruth Brown tracks for your reverent consideration. If Lucky Lips doesn’t bring a smile to your Monday face, you’re beyond hope. And If I Can’t Sell It was a bit of a drag standard back in the day.

Lucky Lips
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
If I Can’t Sell It (I’ll Keep Sittin’ On It)