iPod Sad Face

Friday I dropped my iPod mini on the subway stairs. More accurately, it was knocked out of my hand by a woman who couldn’t wait until she reached the top of the stairs to open her umbrella, lest her precious ‘do get damp. Subway staircase umbrella etiquette is one of those petty topics I once pledged to never blog about, but still – da bitch slapped my iPod down 20 stairs and now my vintage cool metal mini is no mo.

Still, with today’s release of the Zune, I do have the opportunity to shed the one Apple product I was gifted with two years ago and leave the whiteplasticcultofmac behind forevah. Initial reviews of the Zune are decidedly mixed, but as far as I can tell, the downsides are all for product features that I wouldn’t have much use for anyway. I shall mull my decision for a few days. If anybody out there already has a Zune, feel free to post your first impressions here.