Big Holiday Meat

Not usually in NYC on this weekend, my plans to see the Macy’s Parade yesterday were ruined by rain and high winds. We intended on crossing the park and watching the parade from its starting point on the Upper West Side, but Eddie and I got as far as my corner before we were turned back by our blown-out umbrellas. Retreating to the apartment, we settled for watching the parade on television, blocks away from the actual thing.

I’ve spent the last few Thanksgivings at my sister’s house in Orlando, but at least my spending this holiday in NYC wasn’t a total loss, as I got to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving meal with some great friends at Keen’s, a strangely wonderful / wonderfully strange 121-year old place in Herald Square.

Our party of seven including a Roman Catholic priest and a former Franciscan monk, the conversation covered a broad range of topics, including the Easter Vigil, the BVM, amyl nitrate, Billie Burke, 90’s NYC sex club Zone DK, Fort Lauderdale real estate, valium, and how we all recognized this year’s Macy’s Parade Santa Claus as a regular at the Dugout. The food was almost as delicious as the dish.