Who Will It Be?

The progressive blogosphere is on pins and needles today as BlogActive’s Mike Rogers is about to finally come through on his threat to out an anti-gay Republican Senator for having public restroom sex with men. The revelation (and I have no idea how Rogers is going to substantiate his claim) will come live on national talk radio on the Ed Shultz Show, today at 5:30PM EST. You can listen live online here, or on Sirius Channel 146. Of course, you can return here to JMG at the end of the day and I will have the (hopefully) sordid details.

UPDATE: It appears to be an Idaho Senator. That means:

Senator Mike Crapo ——- OR ——– Senator Larry Craig.

UPDATE II: An amusing comment on BlogActive: “Just imagine: Somewhere a wife is getting the ‘I Am A Gay American’ speech, right before her husband signs a juicy book deal.”