“To Nasrallah, with love. From Israel”

I don’t what is more disturbing, those pictures of Arab toddlers posing with machine guns, or this photo of Israeli school girls writing messages on Lebanon-bound missiles. I found this photo on Letters Apart, a pro-Lebanon blog that I thought might yield some interesting blogger/blogger detente’ of sorts, but I’m not really seeing that in the comments. Another interesting blog is Ramzi’s Blah Blah, with the sad headline “To help save Lebanon, go here (link). To save your life, go north.” Also check out Lebanese Political Journal and follow the young author as she attempts to escape the carnage. I found all of these blogs in the UK Guardian’s story Watching, Blogging…Bombing.

Unrelated war/blogger news: India has blocked many blogging services since the Mumbai bombing, including all blogs hosted by Blogspot. Very puzzling.