Kiki Loves You

Yes, kids. A Broadway show that I am dying to see. Kiki & Herb, the beloved SF institution that moved to NYC years ago, will open at the Helen Hayes Theatre on August 11th. For the uninitiated, Kiki, a boozy septuagenarian lounge singer, is the nom de drag of Justin Bond and Herb is her gay retarded Jewish pianist, played by Kenny Mellman. I adore them. The New York Times called them “the most hilariously disturbing show you’ll see this season grand, vivacious and sordid.” I saw their last show, Coup de Theatre, three times and my friends and I are still reciting our favorite Kiki one-liners. Kiki, speaking about her dead daughter: “I was a good mother! I mean, where could a child GO on the deck of a ship?” I saw Justin Bond walking on the Upper West Side a few weeks ago and I almost had a completely uncool New Yorker moment and called out to him. Almost. Kiki & Herb’s Carnegie Hall Show was a sold-out smash. Get tickets for Alive On Broadway, here.

Below: Kiki & Herb, Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

UPDATE: Ted Gideonse has reposted a great Kiki & Herb review from 2004.